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3 packs 18 types 264 concepts 8500+ sounds

The complete collection of Abstract, Life, and Digital sounds.

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5 types 34 concepts 5800+ sounds

A comprehensive solution for those hard to describe abstract movement sounds. Objects transforming, shining, zooming, colliding, appearing, disappearing, on and on. Where more literal libraries fall down this library stands up and says “let me help you find a sound for that”.

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8 types 201 concepts 1700+ sounds

The most often used and sought after sounds of real world occurrences and physical objects. Concrete sounds from money, writing, and clocks ticking to balls bouncing, bells ringing, zippers zipping and on and on.

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5 types 33 concepts 1100+ sounds

A user interface library plus so much more. Every alarm, beep, confirmation and text readout sound you can imagine plus static glitches, censorship bleeps, digital flavored whooshes and everything else we thought you might conceivably need for your next high tech user interface style project.